Christina has survived all of seventeen years, as of today. I cannot be sure if it’s all skill, a lot of luck or ceaseless tweeting that’s made this possible, but I’d put my money on the latter. This girl has managed to elude killers, terrorists, sickeness and other fatal things and also live with slow internet, and *gasp* Beliebers (the line is thin here; watch this space for further developments) without once spending so much as an hour of her time either a) in jail or b) off twitter. She’s also been retweeted by several celebrities which, I’d consider an achievement if my favourite writers/poets/musicians were a) alive and b) on twitter. And for that, I shower her with heartfelt praise.

For this, I think a birthday wish is in order and I’m using this post to channelise these feelings I sometimes have for my friends, often misconstrued to be affection. Despite my efforts, this post will never trend, as much as Christina wants it to.

What’s special about Christina is that she’s me. Our mutual fondness for most things on earth, especially Coldplay and Virat Kohli is what created enough conversation to fill in the awkward space I tend to be enveloped by when I’m around people. She’d complete my sentences (Coldplay song lyrics) and even sneakily access what seemed like enough information to stalk, yes stalk Virat Kohli at his hotel to two teenage fangirls. She chalked out this entire plan and only when it was too late to back out did I realise she was serious. So, along with Vee, we happily sat in the hotel lobby waiting for Virat Kohli to magically appear until cursory glances at the time dampened our plans. Disappointedly trying to cheer ourselves up at Starbucks, where the ridiculous prices deepened our frowns, I was sort of happy she was so similar to me.

That's Christina. Isn't she pretty?

That’s Christina. Isn’t she pretty?

From the inside too :D

From the inside too :

I can’t control my laughter. I burst into giggles at the most inopportune moments for no reason at all, as my friends will vouch. It got me into trouble a lot, especially with teachers. And then I found someone idiotic enough to do the same. So, as we marvelled at our history teacher’s vocabulary, he marvelled at how easily we were amused. It’s not as pleasant as it sounds. So, thanks Christina. For everything. Especially retweeting my tweets about my blogposts. Brought in some views, that.

I hope your Internet speeds hit all time high this year and may you be blessed with followers that share your hatred for certain excuses for musicians. May you be retweeted and favourited, followed and mentioned by my girl crush Stana.

Always be yourself, i.e me.

P.S. I’m sorry for all the Twitter references but I just couldn’t put my feelings, often misconstrued as love into 140 characters.


I know your birthday is technically tomorrow, but sleep is more important than you. Besides, it’s way past midnight in New Zealand, which is where your heart is anyway.


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