I’m Such A Hypocrite, I Should Totally Do This

Why don’t you try something new today?

 Why don’t you wake up and smile, never once looking at the time? Don’t involuntarily reach out for your phone even if it doesn’t ping. Your messages can remain unread for a day. It’s okay not to know the hour of the day. You won’t fear time running out.

 Wash your face. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile, because you still have teeth. Tell the world that, but don’t say a word. Have a cold shower today and feel your pores tingling with each droplet. Savour this feeling. Don’t touch that zit on your face. Don’t brush the knots out of your hair today. They hold mysteries and riddles that only trust can attempt to detangle.

You know that dress you bought but never wore because you hadn’t yet found the right occasion? Wear it today. It doesn’t matter where you’re going. Just wear it. But don’t take a picture. Don’t take any pictures today.

 Hug your father. Tell him that you love him. Ask him to tell you stories from back when he was on the football team. Tell him to show you a team picture. Don’t forget to tell him how handsome he was, how handsome he is. Kiss your mother. Tell her she’s beautiful. Tell her you love her food. Learn to make that chocolate cake from her. Master it. She may serve you an extra slice of toast for breakfast today. Relish it. She put a lot of hard work into that.

 Stuff some cash into your wallet and go out. Don’t count it. Smile at everyone you see. Some may smile back. Some may not. Remember to forget your phone and your camera at home. Don’t think about who is calling you, who is texting you, what a person you barely know from Adam is eating for lunch (courtesy: Instagram) or whether your favourite celebrity’s new facelift is trending.

 Eat that poppyseed muffin you always wanted to try for lunch. Leave the café a Thank You note in the folds of a napkin. Buy a coffee for someone in the shop. Throw a coin in the wish fountain and make a wish. Make it twice, for better odds of it coming true. Get on a bus without knowing the destination and try to guess it along the way.

 At twilight, sit on a park bench and watch evening melt into night. Count the stars one by one as they appear. Make your own constellations. Smile at the moon, even if she hides her face. She’ll be out full, bright and shining in a matter of days. Just you watch.

 Send someone a handwritten letter by post telling them that you love them. Dance with someone special in the garden. Dance alone on the roof and seduce the night sky. It will look prettier than ever. Don’t take a picture.

 Have you ever wondered how much precious time you waste posing for or trying to capture the perfect picture, as though that alone defines the moment you’ve had? After that, you critique the picture and fumble through as many retakes as it takes to achieve perfection. What you forget is that you are human. You are not here to be perfect. You have flaws. You are here to drink and dance and kiss and smile and cry. You are here to live, to create moments that will rise from stardust and be reborn in your memory and not reproduced in high definition on a screen.

 You know it. You spend too much time staring at a screen. You don’t need a backlit LED screen to light up someone’s day.

 Just forget it for one day.

 I promise you, it’ll be a good day.

Well, I know it’s kind of ironic that I was staring at a screen while writing this and effectively everyone who is reading this is staring at a screen of some sort. This is nothing more than a note to myself to sometimes conquer that FOMO and tear myself away from screens. Instead, I should live a little, something I need to be constantly told to do. I spend too much time looking at beauty through photographs, so much so, that no great moment can be called great without a photograph. I need to see the beauty and the beasts of the world with naked eyes and make my mind the paintbrush. Also, to all my photographer followers, no offence intended. I adore photographs, I just spend a little too much time looking at the world through them, and need to go old school sometimes.


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